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Slideshow Presentation of your Favorite Images (Photos, Slides or Digital Files with Transitions, Title Slides and Music)

Video Clips Can Be Included

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    The time you spend preparing for placing your slideshow order will be time well spent!  

    Printed photos/slides:

    After gathering all of the images you want to use, you should put them in the order you would like them to appear in your slideshow.  For photos, please place a number on the back of each photo.  We recommend using a photo-safe pencil…..DO NOT use a pen or marker.  As you start to stack your images, the pen or marker writing can be absorbed into the image behind it, thus ruining the image.  If you don't have a photo-safe pencil, use a regular pencil to make a small number in one of the corners of the back of the photo, press lightly. You can also use post-it notes on the backs of photos.  For slides, write your numbers somewhere on the cardboard/plastic frame that surrounds the image.

    Digital files:

    After gathering all of the images you want to use, place them all in their own folder on your computer.  Rename each file starting with "001", "002", etc.  Photo numbers must be "padded" in this way, so that when we drop your files into our software, they will appear in the order you want them to appear.  You can then burn them on to a CD or transfer them to a USB thumb drive so that you can deliver them to Memory Keepers.  We assume your images are all set to go, that no cropping or rotating will be necessary.


    Now that you have your images in orer and ready to go, it's time to think about the music.  You might just have some favorite songs, you might pick songs with a fitting theme, you might focus on a particular artist and you might look at songs from a particular era.  If you need help with ideas, our slideshow creation expert will be happy to talk you through the selection process.

    The most common choice customers make is to spread all the photos over all the music.  However, there are definitely occasions where you might want to have specific groups of pictures tied to a specific song.  Just keep in mind that the average song is about three minutes long and works well with 30 images.  A longer song can accommodate more images while a shorter song may not be able to accommodate even 30 images.  Keep this in mind if you are tying a group of images to a particular song.

    If you provide your music to us on a store bought CD, in a CD audio track form, or as a .wav file, there is no charge for music.  If you prefer for Memory Keepers to download and appropriately format your song, there is a charge of $4 per song.  Due to copyright laws, we can't re-use songs we have previously downloaded.


    Most customers include an opening title screen that describes the event/content.  Some customers will include other title screens before groups of pictures, such as the bride's name and birth date before her growing up pictures.  Our standard pricing includes up to 4 title screens per song/30 images, this is far more than most customers use.  You may also want a closing message, such as "To be continued…." or "We Love You".



    Weddings: Include pictures of the bride and groom as babies, children, and throughout their lifetimes, as well as photos of them during their courtship.

    : What a fun way to celebrate a major birthday, like the 21st or 50th! Include pictures of the birthday person throughout his or her lifetime. 

    : Your parents will love you for this one, kids! Include photos from the couple's life together, including children, trips, and other holidays.

    : This is a huge hit with the kids! Include pictures from the season, including all players, coaches, fans, and the action!

    Work functions
    : The company Christmas party will come to life with a Memory Keepers DVD Slide Show Presentation! Include pictures of employees from throughout the year.


    Standard packaging includes the DVD with no label or titling on the outside of the disc.  (Please note that the DVD menu will include a title of your choice.)  The top of your disc will be a blank shiny silver surface.  Your disc will come in a full-size DVD case.

    Deluxe packaging includes your title on the outside of the disc as well as appearing on the DVD case cover insert on the face and on the spine of the DVD case.  In addition, the case cover insert can be removed and there are lines on the back for making any notes you would like to record.


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